Our passion spans three generations

Linea Donna is one of the few handpicked Italian companies that can boast more than 50 years experience in the ready-to-wear fashion industry.

The company was created in 1959 by Carlo Comino, in the wake of Torino’s Gruppo Finanziario Tessile and just a few years later, in 1964 his son Giuseppe, aged 23, took over the reins.

Much has changed since then, but Linea Donna has followed and indeed shaped the evolution of the Italian fashion industry overcoming many a challenge.

In the early 60s, Linea Donna was on the leading edge of the transformation from hand-made clothing to mass-produced industrial manufacturing and in the 70s supported the birth of the first stylists (such as Armani, Valentino, Ungaro). Today, Linea Donna consistently supplies some of the major luxury brands in Italy and abroad. 

At Linea Donna we are passionate about dressmaking and tailoring, and this is the key to our success and long lasting activity. We share our passion handing it down from generation to generation thus promoting experience, competence and quality. 

Today, it is Francesca Comino, Giuseppe’s daughter, who is leading us into the future. With a degree in Fashion and Design from IED in Milano, Francesca started her career in 1994 as a product development manager in the XULY BET ateliers in Paris and at MALHAS in Milan. 

Since 1998 she has joined the family trade as technical-quality manager, adding her expertise in product development to the manufacturing services already offered.