Italian manufacturing excellence coupled with a modern organisation

We offer a full range of manufacturing services: from cutting to finished product delivery for our ready-to-wear lines. 

Our manufacturing system focuses more on processes than on products, as the fashion industry has been requiring increasing degrees of flexibility in terms of ever more personalised items and diversified quantities and variants. 

This means we are able to organise staff and machinery in departments that provide similar functions for different products. Therefore, each product does not always follow the same path within the production line, as more than one order can be processed at the same time. 

The advantage of this kind of organisation is that we are also able to cater to low production volumes, as our processes are supported by our management and monitoring tool developed especially for real time planning and control. 

We mostly produce coats and jackets or “structured” garments, and we have the workmanship to create hand-sewn items. 

Our production capacity varies from 70 to 100 items per day depending on their complexity. 

Special machinery
Automatic cutting
Production monitoring

Special Machinery

Automatic cut

Production monitoring