Company organisation

Based on flexibility

Linea Donna’s organisation structure has administration and human resources departments report directly to top management. Then, to foster flexibility, each collection has a project development manager coordinating all the necessary work that a product needs, from inception to production: from the original sketches and style recommendations to finished product delivery. 

The project development manager makes use of different teams, provided by the various functional departments, depending on the stage of evolution of the product.

The functional departments are: technical, production, business development and ICT. The first two are the technical core of the business, whereas the former two departments are later additions that enhance our competitive edge We work on client relationships on the one hand and internal processes on the other, we increasingly use ICT/RFID/IoT technologies to enhance the fluidity of the production processes and add value to design work. 

Our organisation is devised to be systematically flexible to adapt to our clients needs, be they qualitative, quantitative, or time related, thanks to our ability to coordinate specialised functions and to our problem solving expertise.